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How its Works

For Users: Photo sellers and Buyers -

The steps of working are simple enough:

Step 1: The photographers need to click images from their mobile phones or camera and thereafter need to upload them at Snapcape.

Step 2: Once you've uploaded the images' you need to specify the category they fall in - any from the list provided. You also need to set a price for your image, anything ranging between $1 to $5. The buyers would be buying your images at this price.

Step 3: Hereyou are ready to sell off your photographs.

Step 4: The buyers can scroll and select and add images to their cart. You can also make use of keywords and brand names to customize your search. Also you can filter your search on various categories like price and authenticity. We have all these features enabled to meet all the needs of the users.

Step 5: Finally you can buy the chosen images. Also the model space is backed with a folder called "Favourite" where you can save all the images you wish to buy sometime in future.

For Brands/Agencies:

Create task for Custom Images

To avoid the hassle of scrolling and searching for the perfect image, you can also create a task to obtain customized images. These are the few simple steps:

We have a self - service model for task generation where you need to:

  1. Select the geographical region from where you want to procure images.
  2. Give details and specifications of the kind and purpose of images.
  3. Set the deadline for image submission.
  4. Set your budget or the price that you are willing to pay for the procurement of the images.
  5. Once you are done with the specifications, our model dynamically generates out notifications for the corresponding Snapcape photographers.
  6. After the close of the deadline you can choose one or more of the submitted images for purchase.
So here you go!