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About Us

Hello mates'

I am Snapcape!

Before I include any briefing about my functionality' let me tell you I am born ofa team of spirited and ingenious serial entrepreneurs at Digital Belly Services India LLP in 2012 in Gurgaon' India' and am privately owned.

Technically' I am Asia's first photo crowding platform where we extend a forum for young passionate photographers to connect out with the industry. More than 70 leading media companies and brands use the platform' including USA Today' News Corp Australia' Fiat' and Oxfam.

For Photo Freaks:

Hie fellas! Welcome to Snapcape! The free platform which is meant to give a flight to your photography fantasy! Yes' here at Snapcape we ask you upload images but not for free. YesssYess....you read it very correctly! All you need to do is to take a little left' and then a little right and go perfect click - click' that could add dollars to your bank account! Isn't it a cool idea to let your expensive smartphone cover your expenses with absolutely no hard work at all! All you need to do is to let go your imagination run wild in search of some impeccable clicks. Here at Snapcape' you have 'N' number of categories to upload your image - so whether you click a pic or a selfie in your favorite hangout destination sipping an amazingly brewed cup of coffee' or you are going helter skelter shopping at your favorite mall' or you just saw something dazzling and irresistible or heart thawing' bring it on! Upload it in categories like FMCG' baby care' adventure and sports and many more....then tag its worth ranging anything between $1 to $5' and we have brands' newspapers and online news websites willing to buy them.

Also we have brands that give out tasks to meet their needs. You can participate and earn money. And we don't let your efforts go in vain. We reward the best ones uploaded.Once purchase don't you worry about payment coz we immediately transfer sum to your bank account.

So Snapcape is the place where fun meets money! Also you could interact with the wide community of crazy photographers like you' from 170 countries across the globe. So go click - click' sign in the free app' upload and leave the rest on us! We shall take care of the copyright infringement issues and the rest! Happy clicking!

For Brands:

Welcome brands!

Are you among those who are in hunt of an exclusive photograph day in and day out and vexed with the hassle of finding it? Then Snapcape brings you the solution! We have teamed up with a crazy bunch of photographers who bring forth to you the perfect image' perfectly zoomed in and zoomed out and captured at the precise angle to let your marketing campaigns go sky high and your social media handles be a buzzing bee. So all left on your part is to concentrate on finding the ideal image while we take care of the rest all the tricky things' like image rights and photographers' compensation.

So what the wait is for? Sign in quickly for a one month trial period.

What's more?

Isn't it always easier to request for an image rather than go wild hunting for it!

Here's how it's done:
  1. Forget keywords; create a task stating what you need.
  2. Tick the relevant boxes if you require exclusive all rights images with model releases.
  3. Upload your logo and banners to market your task to consumers around the world.
  4. Within in minutes' witness a flood of engaging' authentic images available to purchase and use for editorial and commercial purposes.