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FAQ - Content Buyers

Yes. It is easy and quick to create a task requesting the images you need, from SnapCape, to meet your exact requirements. You can create a task for SnapCapers within a specific geographical area or globally. Also, tasks are a great way to absorb your online and social media audiences.

The space here enables you to create a task using our self-service model. However, if you're uncomfortable with the model you always have our super supportive sales team to refer to!
While you create the task, do bear a few simple things in mind. We understand the role of visual effects in building awareness around important issues, but it is highly recommended that you avoid creating tasks that could bring up images emphasising and promoting aggression, hostility or arousing speeches, as sticking to community standards and interests is are priority. Call us bigoted, but pornography or nudity or vulgarity in any form is a big NO NO here!

Yes. Photos and videos from a particular location can be searched for, using SnapCape's search tools that enable you to search by location and keyword(s). Also the space has features that help you set email alerts for keywords or locations, such as images snapped from Malaysia

Every image uploaded by the user on SnapCape, is made to undergoa scan by our Intelligent system to check for copyrights on the image. Also the scan ensuresimage information recorded by the camera, i.e., time and location, along with information about the photographer. Also available is the map of the location in the photo, at the SnapCape store.

Yes. SnapCape's content has been organized in a manner to fall fit with the Standard classification model. In addition, photos include keywords and particular location information. Any and all classification yardsticks can be used for searches.

On uploading of images, SnapCape bears the copyrights. But on the purchase of images SnapCapepermanently transfers the publishing rights to the buyer following the licensing terms.If you have purchased photos through your tasks you own the exclusive rights for theimages.

The money earned by the photographer after the purchase of images uploaded by him/her, are deposited into their personal SnapCape accounts. The SnapCapers photographers can then either withdraw their earnings from their bank accounts or by using electronic payment providers such as PayPal.

FAQ - Photographers

Beginning with SnapCape

The SnapCape app is a platform which recognises everyone who has a smartphone as a photographer where they can showcase their expertise and also offer their work for sale. Also, the users can benefit themselves by participating in tasks run by media companies and brands, as well as by participating in daily contests where they can put their skills to show.

It's free to download and use like all other apps like Facebook, Flipkart and the rest. However data usage while uploading photos and videos may incur additional wireless carrier fees and depending on your mobile plan, data fees may increase — please contact your carrier for further information.

SnapCape app is available for free download at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Simply search for SnapCape in your app store.

Registration enables us to validate your account and allows us to authenticate your information, so that we can make sure that the genuine user is paid for the sold photos or videos. We promise that thisinformation would only be used for SnapCape's service and in no way be transferred to a third party.

Capturing Photos and Videos

We emphasize on quality of images as better the image quality, the more likely it is to get sold.

If you're participating in a task or a contest make sure all the criteria associated with it are meted out.

When submitting a photo in general, make sure the content is stirring and newsworthy. Adding hash tags like #fire #valleys #flood #rain #sunset could make pictures more saleable. This would make it convenient for the buyers to hunt for the images. Pleaseavoid cropping or manipulating your photos with filters.

Featuring your name and phone number in your profile recuperates image authenticity, as the source of the content is known which is an obvious added incentive to the buyers.

Permission to shoot at locations open to public may vary. Though many countries, states or municipalities have no issues with photography in public places, meaning city streets and buildings may be photographed but please be sure to check policies in your specific area.

At a public location, you are usually allowed to capture photographs or videos of people.

Thoughin best of interests permission must be sought.

However in a private property such as a private residence or a commercial office, permission to capture images is mandatory to avoid offences like breach of privacy.

Unless the person is a very well-known public figure, you must seek the permission of all the recognizable people that make it into your photos or videos that are intended to be resold.

All SnapCape tasks that require model releases are identified as such, and the release is not optional. If you do not submit a model release when it is requested, the images cannot be sold. By accepting the SnapCape Terms of Service you agree to comply with rules regarding model release.

Submitting Photos

If you are willing to upload an image then you are just a few simple steps away.

You can upload photos and videos to daily contests or tasks.

For instructions on how to submit your work, refer the, daily contestand task.

Alternatively, if you have photos or videos that you would like submit other than those of current contest or task criteria, you can submit them in various categories available.

All you need is to select the capture button on the bottom of the home screen which opens your camera where you have the option to capture a photo or video or upload one from your phone. Thereafter, follow the on-screen instructions and include a description of your photo along with relevant hash tags to help it be found and purchased in the SnapCape store.

All contest, task and general submissions are available for sale in the SnapCape store. However, it is noteworthy that you will not receive votes on photos submitted outside of contests and tasks.

No, submitting photos and videos are free like any other networking app like Facebook. However, data transfer fees may apply, depending on your mobile plan. Please contact your wireless carrier about data costs.

You can upload photos or videos from anywhere as long as you owe all the rights exclusively. However, your smartphone camera adds important details, e.g., time and location, to the photo or video which in many cases is difficult or impossible to properly authenticate the source of photos or videos from a computer or the web.

Yes. Any photo or video from your device's camera roll, irrespective of the application used to click it, can be uploaded. However, it is always recommendedto capture images using the SnapCape app whenever possible as it ensuresfurther authenticity and increases the chances of them being purchased by buyers in the SnapCape Store.

Yes, though not recommended.Improvingimage quality using traditional photo editing controls - such as contrast, saturation, etc., - is encouraged. But manipulating is not.

Remember, SnapCape provides authentic and genuine images to photo buyers. So keep it real. Focus on its content and composition.

NO. You must exclusively own all rights to content you submit to SnapCape. We are very strict about copyright infringements and we enforce photographers' rights to their images. Sending stolen content (images captured by others, images taken from the web etc.) at any point, may result in users being banned without any prior warning.

All the content submitted to SnapCape is stored on SnapCape's servers. They also remain available on your mobile phone after the 48h exclusivity period, unless sold exclusively.

However, videos captured with SnapCape, may be deleted from your phone after logging out, in order to avoid cluttering of memory.

SnapCape is a place where your imagination gets it wings to discover new horizons but to meet out the concerns of global audience we have set out some community standards beyond which contents are not acceptable. Images promoting or emphasising hostility, aggression, arousing speeches, pornography and nudity are a big No here.

Please respect copyrights and other legal rights, after all, would you like your images to be used by someone else without your consent. With reference to intellectual property matters, share only those photos and videos that you have taken. Images found to be in breach of our standards will be removed to safeguard the interests of the community.

Participating in Tasks

SnapCape, its various media company associates, brands and other SnapCape users, can generate tasks requesting specifically featured photos and videos to serve their purpose.

Tasks are sent directly to your smartphone as notification based on your location. You can access all the tasks set out according to your preferences from the My Tasks section of the app

You can submit authentic and genuine photos and videos to these tasks and earn remunerations for each such photo/video that you sell. You might send several images to the same task.

It's simple. Photos or videos for a task can be submitted by just selecting the task and tapping on the camera button. Remember it is important to feed in appropriate details with respect to the images including hash tags so that task generators receive the required information.

It is very obvious that a good photo would attract the buyer's interest so it is vital to focus on technical quality. Also you should be specific in meeting out the outlined criteria. It is also important to provide all requested task details. For example, the task creator may require a description of the subject or the name of the event where the image was taken and hash tags.

You must receive the permission of people that make their way you're your photographs, if the task description mandates it.

By accepting the SnapCape Terms of Service, you agree to comply with these rules regarding model release.

If you fail to see any task in your device make sure that you have enabled SnapCape to access your location by checking your phone settings. This would ensure you receive new tasks immediately as they are available in your area.

Participating in Daily Contests

In appendage with the tasks run by brands and publishers, SnapCape also holds daily contests. Fun contests like #selfiesundays, #streetart and #reflective to give a creative burst to the users and let them push the boundaries of their photography.

Nine daily contests will run every day for 24 hours, and every SnapCape user is welcome to submit one image and cast votes in each contest. We send you new contests every day, so make sure to check each day's contests.

The daily contest details are available on the home screen and in the navigation menu that can accessed using version 5.0 of our mobile app, which is available on Android. If you can't find the contests, make sure you have the latest version of the app downloaded.

Very similar to submission of tasks, you need to tapat the right side of the contest tile from the list of daily contests which opens up the camera where you have the option to capture or upload from your device, follow the directions on the screen to submit to the selected contest.

No, submitting to a contest is absolutely free.

No, like task submissions, price for sale of a contest image is also pre-set. Any photo or video that you submit to a contest will be advertised for sale in the SnapCape store and, if sold, you will receive $5 USD, paid in your local currency, per photo/video sold.

New contests are held each day and winners are determined by up votes from the SnapCape community whereas tasks from brands and media companies may run for many days or weeks. Each has a pre-determined monetary reward, depending on the organizer's discretion. Submissions to contests and tasks are available for sale in the SnapCape Store.

NAll photos submitted to contests are for sale in the SnapCape store, priced at $5 USD. If your contest submissions get sold you will be in the money!

Immediately with the purchase of your content you would be notified in your Activity Feed and be able to see your sold photos and videos in Your Profile. You can see who has bought your photos/videos, when and for how much.

To participate in voting, tap on the left side of a contest from the list of daily contests. This opens the vote view where you would be able to see all of the contest's submissions, tap on the up-vote button to cast your vote in favour of a photo/video or simply tap on the pass button to pass on an image. Some devices may also support swiping to vote (swipe left to pass, swipe right to up-vote). You can vote for all of today's contests. The photo or video with the most votes wins.

You can see your total number of votes for each submission on My Profile. If you win a contest you will be notified and can view this achievement on Your Profile.

Bragging rights! You'll receive votes and an achievement for being a finalist or winner in a contest.

At the bottom of the Daily Contests homepage you are able to view winners from past contests. Choose the day and browse through the winning submissions to the past contests.

The SnapCape team creates contests, but they are always open to suggestions. If you have a mind-bogglind idea come forth and get in touch with us on social media; we'd be glad to hear your ideas.


On uploading of images, SnapCape bears the copyrights. But on the purchase of images SnapCape permanently transfers the publishing rights to the buyer following the licensing terms and also ensure that you receive the agreed-upon compensation for transferred rights.

Buyers can purchase licenses to publish submitted images and they can be published online or in newspapers, or in any other form they wish.

Earning money

The instance you upload a photo at SnapCape it becomes available for sale in the SnapCape store. Whenever your photo or video is purchased, you will receive a notification directly to your smartphone and your balance will be updated on your Dashboard.

Remunerations for images that have been sold aremade to your SnapCape account, visible in the SnapCape Web Dashboard. You can transfer the money to your bank account by simply tapping Cash Out. Complete the sought details and follow the instructions.

There's absolutely no hurry to cash out earnings, you can accumulate a large sum in your SnapCape account and cash it out, all at once.

Tip:If you fail to access the SnapCape app, you can also request a cash-out via ourwebsite where you can login with your SnapCape username and password.

Yes, most likely. In most countries, states and municipalities, you will have to pay taxes on the money you procure by selling pictures at SnapCape. Please consider contacting your local tax authorities for details.

If your photos or videos are purchased, our model automatically generates a notification for your smartphone.

Unfortunately this facility is unavailable. You can only cash out your SnapCape earnings as anindividual and not as a business. However, if you are a freelance photographer using the SnapCape PRO service, you can utilize your business account. Follow the instructions outlined in the SnapCape PRO service.